About Supremium

Supremium is a quality pre roll brand that was established in 2019 and based in  Vancouver, British Columbia. Supremium has been involved in the Cannabis industry for almost two decades, we only use high quality, BC Bud that is sourced meticulously to fill our cones.

Our Mission and Values

As smokers of cannabis ourselves we tried lots of other pre roll brands that were using low quality, mixed bottom, old flower stock, that was flat out garbage. The worst of it was the price that it burned in our pockets. Here at Supremium we only use quality flower that is NOT bottom, and to put it bluntly we don’t use leftover garbage to fill our products. Supremiums’ strain menu will always have a wide variety so that you can offer your customers many options.

Our Ideas

Supremium Brand was born from the simple idea to make quality Pre Rolled Products for your everyday, active, busy, lifestyle. We also created Supremium for those inconvenient situations when you’re out and can’t just roll up a cone freely. That extra 15 minutes of rolling time that you can save will get you to What Truly Makes you Happy, faster and easier. That 15 Mins Spent Rolling should be better used to get you hiking, fishing, or snowboarding, faster, so you can just enjoy the things you want to do in your everyday life. Leave the Logistics to us.