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Why BUY Supremium?

Because Even though Most, Probably Can Roll their Own Joints or Cones, Why waste your Precious TIME on The rolling Process? Let Supremium Take care of the Artistry of Machine Rolling, Hand Finishing the Cones for your smoking enjoyment.

Where Can I Purchase Supremium Products TM?

All Supremium Products can be Purchased at These Retail outlets Here.

How Can I get Wholesale Pricing for Supremium Products?

All Supremium Products can be Purchased at These Retail outlets Here. To Carry Supremium Products Please Go to “Canna Collective Wholesale Portal”  Follow the instructions and complete the Application for Wholesale Members. Your Application will be reviewed and Contacted by a Representative within 48hrs.

Why do you Need My ID ?

Supremium Does Not Condone Nor Support supplying to Minors So to insure this we Must Verify Our Vendors Ages before Processing Their Application.

Is MY Personal Information Confidential and Safe?

All our members information is stored on secure servers with DNS firewall security to prevent hacks into our server. Supremiums’ site data is transferred over HTTPS protocol using a  256 bit encrypted SSL certificate . We use the most updated technology possible to protect your privacy. If you have any concerns regarding your personal information, please email us info@cannacollective.co to discuss this situation further. (If this is Correct, If Different Please Edit to be accurate and Ease mind of our Register). We do not store your ID images once your identification is verified.

Is Saliva used to Seal Supremium Pre Roll Cones?

No Absolutely NOT. All Supremium Pre Rolled Cones are Machine Rolled and No Saliva is EVER Used in Sealing them.